Wet Collodion Workshop | Hybrid photography | Digital Collodion

Acquire the skills necessary for the realization of a negative, ambrotypes and tintype in a digital or argentic photographic lab.
Extend the range of photographic media in the process of contemporary creation.
Bridging the Wet Plate Collodion technique with the contemporary digital and analog systems.

Duration: 9 hours
Location: In your location or in our own workshop
No. the participants: max 6
Admission: All materials are included. Participants keep their work and a manual with formulas and details of the process. They should bring their digital and film files.
Booking: tallerdaguerrotipo@gmail.com
Individual rate: 450 €

Workshop Contents
Presentation of the wet collodion process: the technique, historical context and its applications.
A demonstration of the realization of an ambrotype where each step will be explained.
Presentation and preparation of chemical formulas, supports used (glass and anodized aluminum) and safety standards.
Description of analog and digital equipment used in the process.
Production of negative / positive, ambrotypes and tintypes by the participants direct in camera, by contact or through an enlarger.

Stages of the workshop
Print digital negatives, clean the plate, pour the collodion, sensitize the plate in the bath of silver nitrate, exposure of the plate contact or enlarger, developing, fixing, washing and varnishing.
Observe and analyze the images obtained and identify problems and solutions.
Presentation of the group and time.

All public, experience in photography is a plus but not essential.

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