European Master of Photography | Spéos |Paris

July 2014

We are very happy to have participated to The Expert Modules/Advanced Studio Photography, part of the European Master of Professional Photography Program of Spéos, Paris London Photographic Institute in Paris.

Thanks to all the participants, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with you all during this module. Lots of work and great results, this team was a blast !

Program elaboration :  Pascale Maigre (profesional photo-stylist), Hélène Védrenne and Spéos.

Spéos students :

Evgeny Avrorin, Djinane Alsuwayeh, Cecilia Colussi, Serena De Mastri, Leon Fernando, Azimah Mohd Zain, Patrick Rivera, XinYuan Shao, Olesya Shilkina, Polina Ulyanova, Juliette Van Haren, Wilfried Vanié, Xiaofeng Wang, Isabelle Whittaker.

External collaborators :

Mod’Art : fashion design and management school.

Esmod Paris : fashion design and business school.

Marie Marquet  :  personal brand Minimi.

Pascale Thiebot : profesional retoucher.

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