Mercurial Daguerreotype Workshop

Acquire the necessary skills for the realization of a mercurial daguerreotype accelerated with bromine.
Extend the range of photographic supports in the contemporary creative process.
Knowing the handling equipment of the photographic era.
Promote and encourage the work of photographers around technology and photographic processes of the nineteenth century.

Duration: 9 hours
Location: in our workshop
No. the participants: individual or max 2
Admission: Materials included with one plate (9x12cm, additional plates 20 €). We will be working with several plates.
Participants will keep an handbook with the details of the procedure.
Rate per participant: 450 €

Program of the workshop
Presentation of the daguerreotype: the technique, the historic context and its applications.
Realization of a Mercurial daguerreotype and a Becquerel by the collective where every steps of the process will be explained.
Presentation of chemistries, plates used as well as safety standards.
Description of the material, the accessories and the photographic equipments used for the elaboration of the process.
Realization of daguerreotypes by the participants.

Details of the workshop
Clean and polish the plate, fuming the plate with iodine and bromine, exposure with a large format camera, development with hot mercury, fix it, wash it, gild it and seal it.
Observation and analysis of the results.
Identification of errors and their solutions.
Presentation of the collective works as well as vintage works.

Every participant will leave with 1 daguerreotype.

Experience in the field of the photography is not required nor in the laboratory, although it is always a plus.

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