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Copies on albumen paper, matt and classic, from digital negatives.
A very intense and rich workshop! Proactive students! Thanks again to the Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties for having given us different spaces and to have been so attentive !!

Albumine Workshop Description

To know from the practice the printing of digital negatives on albumen paper.
Experiment with hybrid photography where we will combine the practicality of digital photography with the highly handcrafted side of 19th century photography.
Provide digital photography with the added value of quality craftsmanship.
Promote and encourage interdisciplinary work among restorers, scientists, historians and photographers around the technology and photographic procedures of the nineteenth century.

Duration: 25 hours.
Place: School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. C / Guillermo Rolland, 2. 28013. Madrid
Number of participants: minimum 7, maximum 10
Dates: January 16 - 20 2017
Hours: 3:30 - 8:30 p.m.

A new participant, Zuhaitz, for a course on large format camera (4x5 inches) with FOMAPAN 100 Classic .
25 hours of practical applications in 3 areas: portrait, architecture/landscape and still life.
Studio lighting techniques with continuous light and strobes.
Chemical development with HC 110 Kodak and negative scanning for copying on digital photo paper.

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Our upcoming Daguerreotype workshops in collaboration with schools in Spain and France.
All public.
April 19, 2015: IVASFOT, San Sebastián - 10 hours - FULL
8 and May 9, 2015: IEFC, Barcelona - 16 hours
17 May 2015: Cicus-Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla - 8 heures
Late June 2015: SPEOS, Paris - France - 20 hours
7 and 8 July, 2015: UPV, Valencia - 16 hours
2nd week of July, 2015: ESCRBC, Madrid - 20 hours

Individual workshops in our studio (Jávea - Alicante) , consult!


July 2014

We are very happy to have participated to The Expert Modules/Advanced Studio Photography, part of the European Master of Professional Photography Program of Spéos, Paris London Photographic Institute in Paris.

Thanks to all the participants, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with you all during this module. Lots of work and great results, this team was a blast !

Program elaboration :  Pascale Maigre (profesional photo-stylist), Hélène Védrenne and Spéos.

Spéos students :

Evgeny Avrorin, Djinane Alsuwayeh, Cecilia Colussi, Serena De Mastri, Leon Fernando, Azimah Mohd Zain, Patrick Rivera, XinYuan Shao, Olesya Shilkina, Polina Ulyanova, Juliette Van Haren, Wilfried Vanié, Xiaofeng Wang, Isabelle Whittaker.

External collaborators :

Mod'Art : fashion design and management school.

Esmod Paris : fashion design and business school.

Marie Marquet  :  personal brand Minimi.

Pascale Thiebot : profesional retoucher.

Daguerreotype workshop: 3 daguerreian days in Paris with 7 students from Speos.

We inaugurate our new formula Daguerreotype workshop with SPEOS in Paris, from July 1rst to July 3rd:7 students from the "From Professional Photography to the Gallery" program.

Becquerel Daguerreotype Workshops with new and essential information extracted from two years of experiments with differents silver plating providers leading to:
Development Tests with screens and lights of different spectrum;
Find out the lenses that produce FLARE;
Datas to improve the silver plating and the polishing...

Becquerel Daguerreotype Workshop | New Formula!
New daguerreans plates from a supplier in Murcia, Spain.
New polishing technique adapted to our plates.
New development screens for shorten development time to 1h00 in full sun, data that speeds up the image production during the workshops organized for groups.
New very fast lens, even if speed is a relative data in a Becquerel daguerreotype!

Shooting datas from a Becquerel Daguerreotype, not gilded: F12 - 100 seconds - EV15.5

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Daguerreotype demonstration organized for ESCRBC (The College of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property )
We made 2 circulars daguerreotypes in Atelier Petzval space with a replica of the Voigtlander Canon.