Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia | Commemoration of the 175 years of the first photo shoot in Spain. Recreation of the first Daguerreotype realized in Spain

MUSEU DE LA CIÈNCIA I DE LA TÈCNICA DE CATALUNYA The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia and the conservator Angela Gallego charged us the recreation of the first Spanish daguerreotype realized in November 10, 1839, Pla de Palau in Barcelona.

November 10, 2014, at noon, we made four daguerreotypes two 20x25cm and 2 9×12 cm.
The Museum has kept two and one of them was drawn and won by Escola Brianxa Tordera ESO 4t class.

For small plates, we worked with a collodion camera and a Petzval lens, Museum properties.
For large ones, we chose an old Burke and James with a Schneider Grand Angulon.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work of our silverplater in Spain and France:
Bertin et Aubert Industries, FR
Cromados Juan Nicolas, ES

You can download the press kit.

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