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Courses are taught in 3 languages, english, spanish and french.

What is taught?

Practice of Digital and Argentic Photography:
Fashion photography, portrait, still life, architecture, interior design, reporting ...
Choose your equipment according to the application.
Lighting techniques in the studio and outdoors.
Development and raw editing techniques on LightRoom and Photoshop.
Calibrate your equipment (camera, monitor, printer ...).

We dedicate ourselves also to the study and diffusion of photographic processes and technologies of the nineteenth century as tools of expression in XXI century.
We are convinced that the past can be a rich and inexhaustible knowledge and resources source and thereby enriching the current photographic production.

Organization of demonstrations and practical workshops on Wet Collodion and Daguerreotype Processes in order to expand and enrich the range of creative tools.

What is our experience and what is our expertise?

20 years teaching photography, studio and laboratory, at SPEOS with whom we continue to collaborate for the Master of Professional Photography.
Other collaborations with the School of Gobelins to train for example the future photographers of the army of Abu Dhabi!
During all these years, we met a variety of profiles and all have a diverse learning rhythm.

What we offer today is a "à la carte" training, in group or individual, in order to cover exactly the need of the participant.

For what public?

All public.
We can be a support for a photographer...
Form in 1 month at 40 hours/week a product photographer (from shoot to post-production).
To train photographers to historical processes: Wet collodion and Daguerreotype

The trainers

Hélène Védrenne, photographer and professor of the Professional Photography European Master (SPEOS) and trainer in historical photographic processes (Taller daguerrotipo collective).
Nina Zaragoza, photographer and trainer in historical photographic processes (Taller daguerrotipo collective).

We are the active and founders members of the collective Simone Choulle.