Copies on albumen paper, matt and classic, from digital negatives.
A very intense and rich workshop! Proactive students! Thanks again to the Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties for having given us different spaces and to have been so attentive !!

Albumine Workshop Description

To know from the practice the printing of digital negatives on albumen paper.
Experiment with hybrid photography where we will combine the practicality of digital photography with the highly handcrafted side of 19th century photography.
Provide digital photography with the added value of quality craftsmanship.
Promote and encourage interdisciplinary work among restorers, scientists, historians and photographers around the technology and photographic procedures of the nineteenth century.

Duration: 25 hours.
Place: School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. C / Guillermo Rolland, 2. 28013. Madrid
Number of participants: minimum 7, maximum 10
Dates: January 16 – 20 2017
Hours: 3:30 – 8:30 p.m.