Exhibition | University of Valencia – La Nau Cultural Center

  We participate in the exhibition with 4 daguerreotypes – The triumph of the image – The daguerreotype in Spain – Catalog: http://puv.uv.es/el-triomf-de-la-imatge.html?___store=espanyol&___from_store=valencia In english: https://www.uv.es/uvweb/college/en/news-release/start-photography-an-exhibition-daguerreotype-images-spain-1285846070123/Noticia.html?id=1285992217795

ESCRBC | Digital Albumen Print| Printing digital negatives on albumen paper

  Copies on albumen paper, matt and classic, from digital negatives. A very intense and rich workshop! Proactive students! Thanks again to the Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties for having given us different spaces and to have been so attentive !! Albumine Workshop Description Objectives To know from the practice the […]

Participation in the first virtual exhibition of the new center FOTOGRAFÍA A CATALUÑA in collaboration with the MNACTEC: “TRAÇOS DE LLUM”, curated by Oscar Gonzalez.

  We participate in the first exhibition of the portal “FOTOGRAFÁ A CATALUÑA” which, according to its protagonists, intended to be the cornerstone of a future center or perhaps museum of photography of Catalunya. “TRAÇOS DE LLUM” is a virtual exhibition about the first photographic technique: the daguerreotype. Following the thread of one of the […]

Daguerreotype Workshop in collaboration with the Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods | Madrid

  New collaboration with ESCRBC, this time with a daguerreotype workshop with Becquerel Method. David Gomez Lozano, vice-director of the school was the coordinator of the workshop. He opened generously to the participants the access at different spaces, materials and equipments. It was a very complete collaboration where Paloma, school chemist, made a demonstration of […]

Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia | Commemoration of the 175 years of the first photo shoot in Spain. Recreation of the first Daguerreotype realized in Spain

  MUSEU DE LA CIÈNCIA I DE LA TÈCNICA DE CATALUNYA The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia and the conservator Angela Gallego charged us the recreation of the first Spanish daguerreotype realized in November 10, 1839, Pla de Palau in Barcelona. November 10, 2014, at noon, we made four daguerreotypes two 20x25cm and […]

European Master of Photography | Spéos |Paris

  July 2014 We are very happy to have participated to The Expert Modules/Advanced Studio Photography, part of the European Master of Professional Photography Program of Spéos, Paris London Photographic Institute in Paris. Thanks to all the participants, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with you all during this module. Lots of work and great results, […]

Daguerreotype Demonstration | ESCRBC | Madrid

  Daguerreotype demonstration organized for ESCRBC (The College of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ) We made 2 circulars daguerreotypes in Atelier Petzval space with a replica of the Voigtlander Canon.