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Daguerreotype Workshop | New Formula!

We inaugurate our new formula Daguerreotype workshop with SPEOS in Paris, from July 1rst to July 3rd:7 students from the "From Professional Photography to the Gallery" program.

Becquerel Daguerreotype Workshops with new and essential information extracted from two years of experiments with differents silver plating providers leading to:
Development Tests with screens and lights of different spectrum;
Find out the lenses that produce FLARE;
Datas to improve the silver plating and the polishing...

Becquerel Daguerreotype Workshop | New Formula!
New daguerreans plates from a supplier in Murcia, Spain.
New polishing technique adapted to our plates.
New development screens for shorten development time to 1h00 in full sun, data that speeds up the image production during the workshops organized for groups.
New very fast lens, even if speed is a relative data in a Becquerel daguerreotype!

Shooting datas from a Becquerel Daguerreotype, not gilded: F12 - 100 seconds - EV15.5

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